$100k from in-cart ads for Doha GC


$100k from in-cart ads for Doha GC
Sean Dudley

Doha Golf Club, host of the recent Qatar Masters, is using video screen advertising in its fleet of new golf carts to generate additional revenue and profit.

The European Tour venue has recently invested in 100 new Club Car carts, supplied by Hydroturf, distributor of Club Car vehicles in the UAE, featuring the Visage system developed by GPS Industries.

The system, which uses a ten inch touch-screen, is also being used to show advertisements which, combined with leasing fees, has increased revenues by US$100,000 per annum.

General manager Chris Myers said: “Golfers are a captive audience during their round. By selling advertising space available on the integrated Visage screens the golf cars more than pay for themselves.”

Doha Golf Club now has a fleet of 250 Club Cars and the Visage technology, combined with the integrated Guardian system, enables the resort to control and manage its fleet. Through the system, staff can send messages to golfers to manage pace of play, while remotely controlling car speed, restricting where the vehicle can drive, and disable the car to prevent misuse.

At 7,421 yards, the Doha course is one of the longest on the European Tour and, especially combined with the Gulf heat, most players choose to use golf carts during their round.