A brand new look for the Golf Course Architecture website


A brand new look for the Golf Course Architecture website
Toby Ingleton
By Toby Ingleton

If you are a regular visitor to the GCA website, you will have noticed a fairly significant change today, particularly to our home page.

We’ve been working behind the scenes over the past couple of months to improve the online presentation of our content, with a key goal to optimise the experience for the increasing number of people who now view the site using a mobile device.

Almost one in three visitors now access the GCA website via a mobile phone, and over 10 per cent with a tablet. If you are one of those, you’ll hopefully now find it much easier to scan through and read content, without needing to zoom in.

Hopefully the remaining 60 per cent of visitors that access the site using a desktop or laptop computer will also find the new design more appealing than before. In particular we’ve tried to make it a little easier to identify content by a particular topic, and on the home page we have separated content by type. The primary column contains news items and the second column has other types of content, such as interviews, reports from site visits and in-depth articles from our printed magazines.

Over time we’ll continue to make additional tweaks and improvements, with the overall aim of making it easier for you to find and read the content you want. And we’ll continue to deliver content via our Facebook and Twitter social media channels, so you can access GCA in whatever way you prefer, and share and discuss content with your network and the wider community of GCA readers.

I’d welcome your feedback on the new site and any comments about what you would like to see us include in future. You can get in touch with me be emailing toby.ingleton@tudor-rose.co.uk.

Thank you for visiting the Golf Course Architecture website, we really appreciate your support.