All change for Hurdzan/Fry


Sean Dudley

Long-time partners Michael Hurdzan and Dana Fry have announced that they are to go their separate ways.

Fry, now resident in Hong Kong, and a well-known figure across the Asian golf industry, is forming a new firm with former Hurdzan/Fry associate Jason Straka. Remaining based in Columbus, Ohio, Straka will assume command of the firm's Brazilian market, where he has already secured numerous contracts and established a holding company, as well as continue to work throughout North America and Europe. The new company will have associates based in Lisbon, Portugal, Milan, Italy, Beijing, China and Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Hurdzan will be joined by his son Christopher in the firm of Hurdzan & Son. Both companies will actively support each other and current Hurdzan/Fry clients, yet allow each the flexibility and independence to pursue new clients of their own.

“We have reached an equitable arrangement among all of us, to finish our Hurdzan/Fry obligations to all existing clients without any interruption or change in personnel, even though some of these projects will take several years to complete,” said Dana Fry. “First and foremost our friendship remains strong, so this cooperative effort was done in the fairest way possible. The result will be the same professional service and attention as when we were all under the banner of Hurdzan/Fry Environmental Golf Course Design.”

The Hurdzans will continue to operate from their current Columbus office, having elected to maintain their primary focus on North American based designs. They will, however, continue to pursue opportunities internationally as both lead and co-designers.

“My personal commitment is that Hurdzan/Fry existing contracts will be completed and clients fully satisfied,” said Dr Hurdzan. “These will still be true Hurdzan/Fry golf courses, but the last ones done as one company. We have been discussing this transition for a long time and we all agree that now is a prime opportunity to establish these new identities. I am certain that Fry/Straka have a superstar career ahead of them of which I fully support.”