Ambitious course under construction at Wittenbeck


Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

One of the most ambitious golf courses in Germany is currently under construction at Wittenbeck on the Baltic coast. The new course will be an extension to the existing nine hole course, which will be re-designed in order to allow a high-class 18-hole course on the site.

Architect Städler Golf Courses has made use of the gently rolling terrain by letting the holes follow existing swales. By creating two chains of lakes, interconnected by streams, most holes are separated from each other by water features on one side and by hills, created with material excavated for the lakes, on the other. Dutch contractor Albatross Golf Course Construction is building the course, which will involve more than 600,000 cu m of earthmoving.

Project architect Achim Reinmuth said: "The undulated fairways, the dune-like hills and the sparse fescue grasses in the roughs would make it look like a links course if it weren't for the lakes, streams, and waterfalls.

A third characteristic design element will be the thousands of glacial rocks and boulders which we found during the earthworks and used them for walls, waterfalls, and banks of the streams and lakes." Städler added: "At 6,310 metres from the back tees, the course won't be very long, but you will have to land tee shots in the right place to have a good angle for the approach, and the boldly undulated greens are well-defended by bunkers and water hazards. Although fairly playable and enjoyable for higher handicappers, who will always find a longer but safe route to the greens, the course and in particular the greens will be a tough challenge even for top players." At least nine holes will be seeded by the end of this season. The course is expected to open in late summer 2007.