ASGCA and USGA partner for new public golf facility programme


ASGCA and USGA partner for new public golf facility programme
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

The American Society of Golf Course Architects (ASGCA) is teaming up with the United States Golf Association (USGA) to help make improvements to a number of selected publically accessible golf facilities in the US.

The collaborative programme will help facilities enhance the design and maintenance of their courses and deliver a better experience for their customers.

ASGCA member architects will work alongside USGA agronomists, scientists and researchers to provide consulting services to facilities, and help improve the layouts of their courses and reduce maintenance costs.

“The ASGCA, along with the ASGCA Foundation led by John LaFoy, is pleased to partner with the USGA on this initiative,” said Steve Smyers, president of the ASGCA. “Golf facilities have long benefited from the efforts of ASGCA members and USGA agronomists. Collaboration between our experts will have a positive impact on the facilities we support. ASGCA members are excited and proud to bring their expertise to this programme.”

Facilities will be able to submit an application for the service via the ASGCA website. If successful, an on-site evaluation will be arranged. This will include professional analysis followed by a report outlining recommendations that can cover course design, agronomy, environmental stewardship and golf course operations.

“Course design and maintenance form the foundation of a golf facility’s operations,” said Mike Davis, USGA executive director. “With the knowledge that the ASGCA and USGA can offer, more publicly accessible facilities will be able to strengthen this base, while promoting resource efficiency, a better golf experience and a stronger connection to the local community.”

Canal Shores Golf Course in Evanston, Illinois, is the first course to receive an evaluation through the programme.

“This has been an incredible opportunity,” said Jason Way, a member of the Canal Shores board of directors. “We have some great ideas about how to improve the course, but the assistance from the USGA and the ASGCA allows us to get past the initial planning process, and we can move forward with our vision for making Canal Shores a multi-use community green space that the maximum number of people can enjoy.”

Facilities interested in taking part must submit an application by one of three deadlines over the coming year: 15 March, 15 August and 15 December. The application can be found on the ASGCA website.