ASGCA: more renovations in 2011?


Sean Dudley

With more golf course decision makers seemingly looking to make improvements and renovations to courses – projects which may have been put on hold in recent years due to the struggling economy – they may benefit from a free form offered by the American Society of Golf Course Architects.

ASGCA says the form, titled Request for Proposal for Golf Course Architectural Services, is a comprehensive document designed to help developers, owners, superintendents and managers address key elements of a project, including general notice, scope of services, owner's responsibilities, submittal requirements and the selection process.

“Funding for projects could be more readily available in 2011 than we have seen the past few years,” said ASGCA president Erik Larsen. “At the same time, many courses are having to catch up on projects which may have been forestalled during the recession. The ‘Request for Proposal’ document serves as an important tool for those with projects big and small. It’s useful for first-timers who have never been involved in a golf venture, as well as managers and committee members who have been down this path before.”

The free form can be downloaded from ASGCA’s site or requested by email.