Atkins landscaping Oman course


Sean Dudley

Design and engineering consultancy Atkins has been hired to provide specialist landscaping advice for the Wave golf course in Oman, which is currently under construction.

The golf course itself is designed by Greg Norman Golf Course Design, but Atkins has been tasked with creating all the native areas of the 827,000 sq m course and its surrounds, landscaped fringe, wadis, rough areas and dunes. Located along a coastal band as part of The Wave Muscat development, the golf course will have five holes running along the seashore

Norman was in Oman recently on a charette exercise to walk the course. Golf courses are generally designed as a sketched masterplan first and then in detail following a site visit. This allows for reshaping during construction and ensures the course offers the optimum playing experience.

Atkins’ technical director of landscape, Jim Carless, said: “Walking the course with Greg Norman helped our landscaping team understand the expectations of a professional player and it was fantastic to be able to spend time with someone of that calibre.”

Atkins’ landscape design draws inspiration from the natural features of the site and its surroundings. The planting will be in harmony with the coastal environment, featuring native grasses, sedges, salt loving halophytic plants and mangroves. As the saltwater lakes will be tidal (locally known as khwuars), planting will be dominated by native species. Artificial sand dunes will be created up to eight metres in height, undulating the playing levels and framing a dramatic backdrop against the ocean.

In addition to its landscaping services, Atkins’ role on the course includes marine works consultancy.