Aussie architect Ryan completes first phase of Tehran International course


Aussie architect Ryan completes first phase of Tehran International course
Sean Dudley
By Adam Lawrence

Australian architect Phil Ryan has completed phase one of construction on the first golf course to be built in Iran for over thirty years.

Ryan's firm, Pacific Coast Design, was engaged by developer Iranian Land (TSI) in 2010 to design the course. Construction began in early 2012, but has been on hold for over a year as a result of the economic situation in Iran. With signs that the country's relationship with the outside world is improving, Iranian Land has restarted the build, and Ryan recently visited the site to oversee the grassing of the first holes.

The first phase of construction covers the course's back nine, and Ryan expects the remainder of the holes in this phase to be grassed next April, when the weather warms up after the winter. Roads and infrastructure are already in place, and a temporary clubhouse will open in the middle of next year. Iranian Land has already sold over 100 villas, which are currently being built alongside holes six and thirteen.

While in Tehran, Ryan gave a presentation to over 300 people who are interested in investing into the residential property. He expects to return early next year to complete the first phase. The site is near the town of Parand, approximately 25 kilometres to the south of Tehran and 15 minutes from the city's airport. The bulk of the site has elevations between 1055-1100m and is semi-desert land without a single tree. Irrigation will make use of treated effluent water. The entire site is 1,400 hectares, but the 340 hectare golf zone, which was masterplanned by PCD, includes the course and clubhouse, as well as villas, apartments, a hotel, schools and commercial property.