Bechtol oversees major renovation at The Golf Club of Texas


Bechtol oversees major renovation at The Golf Club of Texas
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

Roy Bechtol is overseeing a major renovation of the course at The Golf Club of Texas, near San Antonio, US.

The Austin-based architect is the course’s original designer, and has returned to rework the putting surfaces, bunkers and tee boxes.

New bunkering has been introduced to fairways across the course and new water features have been constructed.

Two new practice putting greens have been introduced, and the course’s irrigation has also been enhanced.

The course has also been fully grassed with different strains of Zoysia, becoming the first in Texas to feature this type of turf throughout.

The turf used was grown at the nearby Bladerunner Farms, a privately owned Zoysia grass and Buffalo grass research and development facility. The facility is run by David and Sheri Doguet, part-owners of the Golf Club of Texas, and Outlaw Golf, the facility’s new owner and operator.

Bechtol (in white) at work with Golf Club of Texas owners Tom Bevans and David Doguet

“The Golf Club of Texas is a completely new design incorporating state-of-the-art turf and advanced technologies that make it the greenest course in the nation and deliver a superb playing conditions,” said Tom Bevans, principal of Outlaw Golf.

“This has to be one of the most environmentally friendly courses ever built,” Doguet added. “We are using Zoysia grass for its ability to provide a top-quality course without the need for a lot of water, fertiliser or chemicals and Buffalo grass for all the native areas.”

Once reopened, the front and back nines have been flipped with the aim of creating a more dynamic finish.

“We had a great piece of land to work at the start and the course has always had great bones,” Bechtol said. “The changes we have made only enhance what was there in the past and address maintenance and conditioning issues that affected the course in the past few years. It’s great to see this course back to where it belongs to be and the excitement about this entire project and the game of golf again. Tom and David had a vision to bring the Golf Club of Texas back to life and we are seeing the fruits of their efforts day by day on site. I can't wait to play the course again.”

The course’s back nine is expected to be ready for play at the beginning of January, while work on the front nine is likely to be completed at the beginning of March 2015.