Blinder and Envirobunker partner


Sean Dudley

British firms Blinder and Envirosports have formed a partnership to offer their products jointly to courses, launching what they have termed 'the fully sealed bunker solution'.

Blinder's lining product, made from rubberised material, sits in the base of bunkers, while the Envirobunker solution is designed to resist erosion on faces and edges, so the two companies say their products are complementary. Both products use 100 per cent recycled material.

“We know our product is suitable for bunkers with faces over 45 degrees, and that Blinder works best with faces under 45 degrees, so we are more than happy to recommend Blinder if we believe that is the best option,” said Envirosports director Rhydian Lewis. “Blinder also offers a base solution, which we do not, and likewise we offer a finished revetted edge solution that is unique to our product.”

But the two products can work together, too. At Royston Golf Club in England, both Blinder and Envirobunker have been installed in the same traps. “There's no gap between the two products, and it solves all contamination problems,” said Blinder boss Murray Long. “That gives a truly maintenance free solution, with no sand contamination anywhere in the bunker.”