Braemar makes sustainability pledge


Sean Dudley

Construction management and operations firm Braemar Golf has committed to achieving certification from the Golf Environment Organization on all its projects.

Braemar has asked that all clients enrol in the GEO OnCourse programme to achieve the international ecolabel for golf, GEO Certified. Additionally, Braemar will help new development projects integrate sustainability into planning, design and construction according to comprehensive new guidance developed by GEO in collaboration with a number of golf industry groups. 

Braemar golf courses director Jonathan Pendry said: “Our project teams have driven this through their efforts and desire to manage their facilities in an environmentally sustainable manner. After discussions with our clients, both in development and operation, there is overwhelming support to ensure that with the guidance provided by GEO we can build and manage golf facilities to the highest environmental standards. We recognise not only the traditional environmental benefits but also the financial and efficiency savings that will be made and we are delighted to be involved to such an extensive level.

“This commitment to GEO programmes as a practical and rewarding approach to sustainability underlines our conviction that sustainability is a valuable pursuit, for resource efficiencies, environmental and social benefits, and a strong reputation for individual clubs and the game.”

GEO’s chief Executive Jonathan Smith said: “It makes good business sense for every golf course and development to be a responsible, resource efficient business set in an ecologically rich landscape, and this leadership by Braemar Golf and the clubs and developments in their portfolio will bring tangible benefits and serve as a good example for others.”