BSH to launch new grasses


UK grass supplier British Seed Houses will introduce three new varieties at the BTME trade show in Harrogate in the new year.

The new 007 creeping bent has been developed from 24 parent plants. BSH says 007 offers superior turf quality, eliminates winter stress discolouration and is highly competitive against poa annua. 

“This variety is likely to challenge all other creeping bents on the STRI list,” said BSH spokesman Simon Taylor. “It is ideal for golf courses looking for the excellent performance of creeping bent but without the high inputs.”

As well as 007, BSH will launch its new Escapade perennial ryegrass and AberFleece sheeps fescue. Taylor said: “Escapade is an ideal choice for summer sports and quality lawns and is likely to be popular for turf production. AberFleece will significantly cut costs as it requires so little maintenance.”