Bunker renovation project gets underway at Tewkesbury Park GC


Bunker renovation project gets underway at Tewkesbury Park GC
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

A bunker renovation project is underway at the Tewkesbury Park Golf Course in Gloucestershire, UK.

Led by former pro and designer Peter McEvoy, course manager Chris Bromley and Turfgrass’ John Clarkin, the project will see a number of the bunkers moved, reshaped or removed completely.

The bunkers have also been drained and lined to help increase their playability in difficult weather conditions going forward.

The course at Tewkesbury Park was originally designed by Frank Pennink and opened in 1976.

“We have concentrated on improving the quality of the greens in the past couple of years but felt that there were other aspects of the course that needed attention,” said Chris McIntosh, the club’s managing director. “After completing drainage work over the winter we have embarked on the bunker remodelling programme. We have redesigned and/or repositioned the bunkers in line with the advancement of the game and equipment but also to ensure that drainage is effective all year round. We also wanted to improve the aesthetics of the bunkers, in keeping with the magnificent views we enjoy at Tewkesbury Park.”

The work is scheduled for completion in mid-May, with the course to remain open as normal throughout this time.