Carbon neutral status for big event


Sean Dudley

For the third year running, one of the US Champions Tour’s leading events will be carbon neutral.

Senior Players Championship sponsor Constellation Energy says it has taken measures to offset the approximately 1,400 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions associated with the tournament, which starts this Thursday at the TPC Potomac course in Maryland.

“Our commitment to making the Senior Players Championship a carbon-neutral event is an extension of our long-term goal to reduce emissions and support investment in clean energy at both the local and national level,” said Constellation CEO Mayo Shattuck. “This tournament represents another opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of using renewable energy, efficiency and other innovative energy solutions to minimise our impact on the environment and take meaningful steps to address climate change.”

Steps taken to make the event carbon neutral include:

  • Offsetting direct emissions by purchasing Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative allowances from Maryland, which will invest the proceeds in energy efficiency and electricity programmes serving low-income residents

  • Matching indirect emissions by purchasing National Green-e Energy Wind renewable energy certificates, which help to encourage investment in new sources of renewable energy

  • Using biodiesel to power generators at all facilities along the course.

  • Recycling all carpeting in tents and hospitality suites, as well as plastic and cardboard from concessions and other tournament uses.

Combined, Constellation says, these actions represent the equivalent of making 240 cars emissions-free for a year or eliminating the annual electricity use of 175 homes.