ClubCar partners with solar firm


ClubCar partners with solar firm
Sean Dudley

Golf cart manufacturer ClubCar has formed a marketing alliance with Danish technology firm SolarDrive.

The SolarDrive system – which GCA first encountered at Lübker Golf Resort in Denmark last year – replaces the roof of a standard golf cart with solar panels, and is centred around a new power converter that, for the first time, enables the sun to recharge standard batteries.

The solar canopies transfer from 180 to 360 watts of energy to a vehicle’s battery system, resulting in considerable additional range between charges in typical applications.

Club Car said it expects the initial adoption by users that are challenged to make it through demanding usage applications on a single electrical charge. What’s more, Club Car says the availability of solar energy in an easy-to-install application may encourage facilities now operating diesel powered fleets to switch to electric vehicles.

“We are particularly proud to enter this marketing alliance with Club Car, which we consider an important recognition of the quality of our solutions,” said Peter Randow, SolarDrive CEO and founding partner.

The crystalline solar panel modules, which are capable of producing 90 watts of power each, can be configured for two to eight-passenger vehicles. Two modules are normally used to fit a two-seat vehicle, with three and four panels installations designed for larger vehicles.