Construction restarts at Cliffs course


Sean Dudley

Construction of the Cliffs at Mountain Park golf course in North Carolina has been restarted. The project, which is being led by Gary Player’s design firm, had been halted for over a year and a half, during which adjustments to the course were made to address concerns raised in relation to the Saluda River that runs through the property. 

The first step in the redesign of the course layout was to acquire additional land needed to create flexibility in the routing plan. The extra land will provide more space for local flora, fauna, trees and grasses. Additionally, careful attention was paid to water usage, not relying on the river for irrigation needs, and the reduction of pesticides and fertilisers. 

“Our concept is to make the fairways firmer, not use as much water, not use as much fertiliser, and take full advantage of the natural characteristics of the land.” said Player. “We are also paying close attention to maintenance costs. Maintenance costs have jumped significantly over the past few years and are taking a real bite out of the operating budget for golf courses all over the world. We are using more organic material and implementing eco-friendly design practices in all of our design projects, and here at The Cliffs at Mountain Park is no exception. The land here is so beautiful we want to build a course that adds to its natural beauty,” added Player. 

In addition to agreeing to the redesign, Cliffs Communities boss Jim Anthony has pledged to support a fund to pay for watershed restoration after construction and a site for public access to the river for boating and fishing.