Construction underway in Egypt


Sean Dudley

Architect firm Thomson Perrett & Lobb (TPL) has begun construction on the New Giza course in Egypt, overlooking the nearby pyramids.

On returning from a site visit with design associate Andrew Goosen, TPL principal Tim Lobb confirmed that staking has been completed and bulk construction on the golf course has begun.

“With so many golf developments having been put on hold over the past year, it is a credit to the developers and everyone involved with New Giza that the project is moving forward,” said Lobb. “The site for the golf course is part of one of the most dramatic landscapes we have worked on, with incredible hilltop views to the pyramids and 50-metre high cliffs, which have been incorporated into the golf course design.”

“The news that there will be an MGM Grand Resort on site underlines New Giza’s status as a landmark development for Egypt,” Lobb added. “It is a very exciting project to be involved with.”

The project is part of the 1,500-acre New Giza development which, will also include a second hotel, a hospital, a medical school, a university, two schools and a sporting club, plus 5,500 villas, townhouses and apartments in ten individual neighbourhoods. The golf course will form a central part of this masterplan.

“We are fortunate to have such an outstanding piece of land to work with,” said Lobb. “We are not actually having to move huge amounts of earth to create interest and excitement in this golf course, as the hills, ravines and cliffs are already there. What we are doing, through the design and construction, is bringing the drama of the landscape to life for golf, and we have no doubt that New Giza will be a landmark project for the region.”

The golf course is scheduled to open in 2012, while the MGM Grand property is expected to open in 2013.