Consultants and managers team up


Sean Dudley

Consultancy KPMG has joined forces with the Club Managers Association of Europe in an attempt help golf course owners improve operations.

Both KPMG, which has provided consultancy services to the golf industry in 40 countries for more than ten years, and the CMAE, which offers professional training and qualifications for more than 6,500 club managers in 22 countries, say golf course owners will benefit by improving and optimising their current operations, or by gaining a better understanding of their current market value.

As part of the ‘Operational Quick Scan’, KPMG and CMAE will supply specialist consultants to assess a range of factors including membership strategy and model, golf retail and merchandise strategy, cost control and golf course condition and maintenance strategy.

Andrea Sartori, head of KPMG’s Golf Advisory Practice in EMA, said: “Golf course businesses continue to face challenging economic and trading conditions and it is imperative that all owners and operators assess their current performance and implement the right strategies to ensure long term sustainability and success.”