Consulting firm comes to Asia


Sean Dudley

A management and consulting firm has been set up to help the successful development and operation of golf facilities across Asia.

FORE Golf Asia is the brainchild of Jeff Puchalski, a PGA of America member who has spent more than 12 years directing the award-winning Dalat Palace and Ocean Dunes golf clubs, and stood at the nexus of development projects during his 13 years in Asia.

“There are dozens of projects on the drawing board here,” said Puchalski. “But many are having their licenses revoked or applications denied because they are not sound enough, in structure, focus or, frankly, aspiration.

“FORE Golf Asia is set up to help developers overcome deficits in their strategies and build and manage golf courses that create socio-economic and environmental benefits. Those issues are, rightfully, huge concerns right now. And these issues affect any new or proposed project here in Asia.”

The firm offers market analysis, bid reviewing, architect selection, construction management, turf grow-in supervision, human resources training and facility management. It also has access to experts in the fields of construction, food and beverage operations, media relations and marketing.