Course intelligence book released

Course intelligence book released

A new book by course architect Forrest Richardson allows operators and club members to gauge the intelligence of their course thanks to a series of 25 step-by-step topics.

Richardson has spent years examining the best ways to generate revenue and handle operating costs, and his knowledge and expertise is compiled in Course Brains, a quick read, pocket-sized book that measures only 3.5x5 inches.

Over the book’s 80 pages, which is published in the MiniBük format, Richardson covers topics from managed turf area planning to the intricacies and nuances of course policies. Each covered topic is concluded with a grading system, which allows readers to evaluate their own course.

“A common theme in operating a golf course today is balancing the asset with the need to reduce cost and increase revenue,” said Richardson. “My goal with the Course Brains programme is to stimulate thinking that leads to positive change.”