Development plan for Aussie island


Sean Dudley

A new resort development, valued at A$950 million (US$967 million) has been granted conditional approval by the state government of Queensland in Australia, after more than four years of environmental investigations.

The Hummock Hill Island project, which is being developed by Eaton Place, is 30km south of the town of Gladstone in central Queensland, proposes to transform the island over a 17 year period into a town of 2,700 houses, and a resort capable of accommodating 3,000 guests.

The development is planned to incorporate a new bridge to the island, an airstrip and boat ramps, as well as facilities such as an eighteen hole golf course, shops and a medical centre.

The approval, granted by the state’s Coordinator-General, imposes 57 conditions on the proposed development, designed to protect the environment of the island and its surroundings, which are home to endangered species such as turtles and dugongs.

The Coordinator-General’s report now goes to the Australian federal government for approval and also to the local council, with a recommendation for its acceptance.