Eagle lands at Skyait


Eagle lands at Skyait
Sean Dudley

The new Skyait golf club in Kunming, China, has completed construction on a unique par three ‘eagle’ hole.

Course architect Cynthia Dye designed the hole for Skyait to use as a marketing tool in its future expansion. Originally named ‘Eagle’ because of the view across the valley in which Skyait sits, the hole concept changed during design as the course owner’s goal became more clear. The final hole resembles an eagle, with green as the bird’s body and bunkers for head and tail.

“This hole was a unique design challenge, as is it much different than anything you would put into a traditional golf course layout. The owner wanted something that would make people say ‘wow’ and have them thinking about Skyait after they leave the club,” said Dye.

Dye and Sam McGarey, Dye Designs’ VP Asia Pacific, attended the opening ceremony on 23 November, where Dye personally selected and placed the rock that represents the eagle’s eye.

Skyait is considering expanding the original vision and incorporating the eagle hole into a nine hole par three course. Dye Designs is also creating two other eighteen hole courses at the club; both are slated to open in 2013.