Edfors group buys bankrupt Hils


A consortium led by Swedish European Tour pro Johan Edfors has acquired the Hills golf club in Gothenburg. The club, whose course was designed by American architect Steve Forrest, filed for bankruptcy last November.

“I've always thought Hills was a great course with the potential to be fantastic. We're upgrading the facility further, focusing on making it easier to play,” said Edfors, who has been backed financially by a group of golf enthusiasts. The consortium plans to build two new holes, and to make the course more compact.

“Hills has been too hard for the average golfer. We will change that without making it too easy for tour players,” said Edfors.

Hills CEO Mats Sterner added: “Johan is an active athlete who takes responsibility for the course and will develop it into the right direction. With new strength and a strong economy, we have great times ahead.”