EGD opens Russian Zavidovo course


EGD opens Russian Zavidovo course
Toby Ingleton
By Sean Dudley

European Golf Design has opened its fiftieth course, Zavidovo PGA National Russia, with Russia becoming the twenty-second country in which the company currently has a course in play.

Lying on the banks of the Volga, Zavidovo PGA National Russia is 100km west of Moscow, and features wide fairways, undulating greens and heather clad bunkers across its 7,400 yards.

“It is a great achievement to have created so many new courses in such a wide variety of regions and countries,” said Jeremy Slessor, European Golf Design’s managing director. “We believe that our attention to detail and client support are the reasons why so many of our projects have been successful, not only for the quality of golf which they provide, but also for the economic advantages for our clients.”

The architect behind the project is Dave Sampson, who commented: “We are extremely proud of what we have created here at Zavidovo. We have been fortunate to have had a great construction and grow-in team, and that, combined with a great client, helped us to deliver a really high quality project. The playing surfaces are hard and fast in accordance with our design intent, and the heather we have planted around the bunkers gives the golf course a heathland character which is quite unique for Russia.”

The fact Zavidovo is the twenty-second country the company has built a course in is indicative of both the company and the industry’s commitment to advancing the profile of golf in new markets.

“Russia is an emerging golfing nation, and we were fully aware when designing the course, that we would need to provide multiple teeing grounds for players of all abilities,” added Sampson. “In addition, to further encourage golf development, the course has extensive practices greens and a full length practice range with state of the art teaching facilities. In 2015 we will also be adding a PGA National Golf Academy.”