European Golf Design to renovate Guardian Bom Sucesso course


European Golf Design to renovate Guardian Bom Sucesso course
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

European Golf Design has been hired to renovate the Guardian Bom Sucesso course in Óbidos, Lisbon.

The project will focus on enhancing sustainability and environmental elements of the course, which was originally designed by Donald Steel.

“Bom Sucesso is delighted to go forward with the course renovation,” said Pedro Portugal, CEO of Bom Sucesso. “It’s a great challenge and we believe European Golf Design is the right partner. Since we became a European Tour Destination this has been on our agenda, and we are fully focused on exceeding our golfers’ expectations.”

Some elements of the work on the course are already underway, with Jeremy Slessor, managing director of European Golf Design, commenting: “We’re looking forward to working with Bom Sucesso to improve many aspects of this already hugely impressive golf resort.”

He added: “Our initial objective is to improve the landscaping around the course and in that way to increase the environmental value of the land. While at the same time reintroducing the beautiful natural characteristics, removing areas of grass that are far out of play, reducing the cost of maintenance and the consumption of water without compromising on the overall playability of the course.”