Florida Doak/C&C resort launched


Florida Doak/C&C resort launched
Sean Dudley

After months of speculation, the new 36-hole resort project featuring courses simultaneously designed and built by the firms of Coore and Crenshaw and Renaissance Golf Design, has been revealed.

The Streamsong Resort is being developed by the Mosaic Company, the world’s largest producer of phosphates, on a 16,000 acre former mine site in Florida, between Tampa and Orlando.

Streamsong’s site is unique as the mining activities have created dramatic landforms that, according to the architects, will make for great golf holes. 

“This land is naturally conducive to uncovering great golf holes,” said Ben Crenshaw. “It is going to be spectacular, and has its own inherent character that will translate into two memorable courses.” Renaissance boss Tom Doak concurred, saying: “This is such a good piece of land for golf. The variety of contours created by the mining process is unique for a project in Florida, or anywhere in the Southeast. I have been friends with Bill and Ben for many years, and it is great fun to be working right alongside them. I think it will bring out the best work in each of us.”

Construction of the two courses began in mid-2010, and they are expected to be ready for a soft opening in late 2012, with the resort’s grand opening planned for 2013. Streamsong’s facilities will also include 140 guest rooms in the main resort building, five four bedroomed villas, bars and restaurants, a spa, and bass fishing.

Bill Coore said: “At Streamsong, we have the opportunity to work with a site that contains some of the most unusual, interesting and dramatic land forms we have ever encountered. From its towering dunes, sandy fields, and pristine lakes, we believe this land has the potential to yield two extraordinary golf courses. Being able to work alongside Tom Doak and our good friends at Renaissance Golf Design to simultaneously create the two courses makes this a very special project indeed.”