GEO allies with soil biology firm


Sean Dudley

Sustainability body the Golf Environment Organization has announced a new partnership with Scottish-based turf management solutions firm the Great Turf Company.

GTC, founded two years ago, focused on biological solutions for turf management: its Activated Microbial Turf Management methodology is designed to restore natural balance in turf and soil. Its range of products includes compost tea systems and naturally sourced granular and liquid feeds formulated to optimise turf health naturally, reducing chemical dependency, ‘feeding the soil’ and maintaining a healthy soil environment. Its products are used by a number of golf clubs, including Machrihanish Dunes, which has already been certified for its sustainability by GEO, and Estonian Golf and Country Club, which is working towards certification.

Great Turf Company MD Ian Morrison said: “We have made it our mission to advocate the benefits of good soil biology for a safer, sustainable future for turfgrass management. Without biology soil is merely dirt; but with a thriving microbial population soil becomes the complete solution to plant health. We share GEO’s belief in golf’s potential to deliver real and valued results for sustainability, and we are very proud to support GEO in growing the business of sustainable golf.”

GEO Chief Executive Jonathan Smith added: “In a world of ever more extreme drought and rainfall, chemical regulation and a growing value in high quality soil, the Great Turf Company is filling a very important space. As a growing, forward-looking business, it says a great deal that they would support the not-for-profit work that GEO does to foster credible sustainability progress in golf clubs and developments around the world.”