GEO and EIGCA cement alliance


Sean Dudley

The Golf Environment Organisation (GEO), a non-profit body which specialises in golf’s sustainability and works with the golf industry to raise standards, has been recognised as a patron of the European Institute of Golf Course Architects (EIGCA). This partnership was cemented at EIGCA’s ninth annual conference this year.

“The EIGCA Council has rightly chosen to recognise the significant contribution of GEO in the field of sustainable golf development,” said environment convenor Mike Wood, speaking on behalf of EIGCA. “GEO has been working closely with EIGCA for more than four years now. Our role on GEO’s European Industry Forum has meant there has been constant communication and collaboration to the benefit of both organisations: our work together has included the formulation of EIGCA’s environmental policy, and most recently, a major multi-partner project to produce guidelines for sustainability in golf development. EIGCA believes that with GEO’s drive and constructive support, the golf industry has come a long way in recent years and is now moving closer to being equipped to address the environmental challenges and opportunities that the future holds.”

Expressing his own organisation's perspective, Jonathan Smith of GEO said: “We are delighted to formalise our relationship with EIGCA. We have worked together very productively over recent years. EIGCA is an extremely important golf partner to us, given the role that EIGCA members play in delivering meaningful social and environmental outcomes in projects all over the world. The bar is rising in terms of government, customer and public expectation and it is very reassuring that at this dynamic time of change, EIGCA has recognised the value of having a knowledgeable environmental partner.”

Both organisations are committed to sustainable golf development, which respects people and the environment. It is this shared ethos which has given focus to the current project to develop guidelines for sustainability in golf development, in partnership with the R&A and EGCOA, and the project’s exclusive sponsor Ransomes Jacobsen.