GEO certification open to all


Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

The Golf Environment Organisation has officially launched its new website, and along with it opened the GEO certification process to any golf facility, anywhere.

The new website – – brings together knowledge, guidance and the organisation’s programme to provide golf facilities with certified status as “the hallmark of a great golf environment”.

George O’Grady, Chief Executive of the European Tour, says: “The Golf Environment Organisation is essential to golf’s future. With an energetic approach towards constructive collaboration, they have managed to unify golf and environmental organisations behind a positive vision for sustainable golf. Their focus on delivering the tools and solutions that the sector needs has driven business benefitting improvements in golf’s environmental performance.

“There is absolutely no doubt that golf is stronger, more respected, more widely valued and better understood as a result of GEO’s groundbreaking work. Long may they stand as a dynamic and insightful environmental partner to the European Tour and the industry as a whole.”

GEO Chairman Bjorn Nordberg reinforced the organisation’s commitment to engage with the sector, whilst retaining objectivity: “We have worked hard to establish an organisation that truly understands golf, can constructively drive industry performance and yet retains the courage and ability to speak openly about what it sees in the sector. There is no room for green-wash. GEO is interested in supporting credible and meaningful action.”