Golf Club of Texas set to reopen in July following Bechtol’s renovations


Golf Club of Texas set to reopen in July following Bechtol’s renovations
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

A renovation project at the Golf Club of Texas has entered the final stages, with the course set to reopen for play this July.

Led by the course’s original designer Roy Bechtol, the project has drawn attention due to its use of Zoysia grasses, with the entire 18 holes now featuring different strains of the versatile, drought-resistant turf. 

Bechtol has also reworked the course’s putting surfaces, bunkers and tee boxes. Additional bunkering has been added to some fairways, and the front and back nines have been reversed in an attempt to create a more dynamic finish for players.

Located near San Antonio, the course opened in 1999 and has always been a popular choice for golfers in the area according to Bechtol.

“We had a great piece of land to work at the start and the course has always had great bones,” he said. “The changes we have made only enhance what was there in the past and address maintenance and conditioning issues that affected the course in the past few years.”

Thanks to the Zoysia surface, pitch marks on putting surfaces will be repelled,but the greens will remain receptive to approach shots.

“Zoysia allowed me to add slopes and mounding to the overall routing in places that other turf wouldn’t allow,” Bechtol said. “The ability to completely sod this course, 91 acres in all including 10 for the practice area, rather than sprig the turf and water it to make it grow and spread, allowed me to vary the fairway lines, meander where the grass went, which helps with the overall look and the edges.”

“It’s great to see this course spring back to life,” Bechtol added. “We have made design changes and construction to make the Golf Club of Texas more fun to play and, most importantly, responsive to the wise and judicious use of water and as a reduction in maintenance costs.”