Golfers demand firm and fast

Golfers demand firm and fast

Golfers who have been exposed to firm and fast conditions not only embrace them, but demand them in future, according to one leading US club manager.

Speaking to the recent European Golf Course Owners' Association conference, Michael Leemhuis, chief operating officer of Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, Maryland, said his members now complained if the club's two courses were too soft.

“We are constantly being pressed by our memberships to ensure the courses are fast and firm. Because we host tournaments regularly, the members have become used to firm and fast conditions, and they really like it,” he said. “Some of our older members like the fact that their shots get more roll. And when the courses aren't so firm, they complain. They might not necessarily believe that brown is the new green, but they don't mind if there's a little bit of brown out there.”