Golfers want smooth, not fast greens


Sean Dudley

British club golfers reckon that smooth ball roll, not green speed, is most important, according to a new survey.

The research, conducted on behalf of Syngenta by market research firm GfK Kynetec, also said that putting greens that are free of weeds and visible signs of disease or scarring were both considered most desirable than high speed. High handicappers also emphasised the importance to them of a firm playing surface.

For all players, the condition of greens was the most important factor on which they judge a course. Single figure golfers were more interesting in the design of the course, while higher handicap players were more judgmental on the price of playing, as well as the condition of the fairways.

Presenting the initial headline results of the study, Rod Burke of Syngenta said: “We would actively encourage greenkeepers to make use of this information in planning their approach, as well as in discussions with the club management and members about what they are doing, and why? Decisions based on the knowledge of this study, or a similar survey within the club itself, will ensure turf quality matches the demands of the paying customer, and keep them coming back for more.”