GOOD READ Building Sebonack


Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

If a 300 acre parcel of shorefront land bordered on one side by Shinnecock Hills and on the other by the National Golf Links of America wasn't destined one day to become a golf course, it's hard to imagine what is. But the creation of Sebonack Golf Club was far from being the straightforward process that might be imagined. Brad Klein's book details the US$46 million land purchase, the three year planning battle, and most vividly, the unprecedented design collaboration between the contrasting visions of Jack Nicklaus and Tom Doak – and owner Michael Pascucci – that finally created the golf course.

The wonderful location of Sebonack was a double edged sword.

Perfect land for golf, sure, but surrounded by wealthy vested interests and highly regulated by environmental protection. Klein – and photographer Joann Dost – give the reader an eye into the process of developing a golf course that may one day stand alongside its illustrious neighbours.

Duck Pond Press, US$59.95