GOOD READ: Golf 365 Days


Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

A history of golf in 365 pictures? Robert Sidorsky's new book promises to give golfers a quick view of some of the important events in the evolution of the game.

Mixing personalities and courses it also provides a number of interesting golf-related snippets that many may have missed. Who knew, for example, that Morocco – currently a boom market for golf construction, and potentially the big new destination for golf tourists – acquired its first course, the Diplomatic Country Club, way back in 1917? Virtually all golfers will find something new within these pages, and most will come away wanting either to read about a player or an event in more detail, or with a new list of courses to visit. For me? I really, really must get to Banff Springs one of these days.

Abrams, £19.99/US$29.95

This article first appeared in issue 14 of Golf Course Architecture, published in October 2008.