GOOD READ: St Andrews: The Evolution of the Old Course


Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

Kiwi architect Scott Macpherson has given us the most detailed picture yet of how golf's most famous landscape came to be how it is. Still a cornerstone for the golfing world, the Old Course is not, as many believe, simply a natural product of evolution. Macpherson's book highlights in detail for the first time the physical changes to the Old Course at St Andrews, correlates them with social and equipment changes, and provides insights into the effect these changes have had, not only on the rules of golf but on the very manner in which the game is played.

Macpherson takes the reader on a journey of discovery from golf's past to its future, showing not only the way in which early remodelling of the Old Course changed the game itself, but also how the course has adapted to almost two centuries of considerable technological change to both the ball and club, as well as huge leaps in the skill and strength of players.

Stetson Group, £45