Gopher Watch Competition - Winter 2016


Gopher Watch Competition - Winter 2016
Adam Lawrence
By Adam Lawrence

It seems that we made the Gopher Watch competition a little too easy in the last issue, as we had a positive flood of correct answers, and very few wrong ones, apart from one regular entrant who guessed Aberdovery (better luck this time, Paul). As most, though, knew or figured out, Sandy was at Tralee on the west coast of Ireland, designed originally by Ed Seay for Arnold Palmer’s firm, and now in the process of some renovation under the careful hand of current Palmer architect Brandon Johnson. Tom Alter, vice-president of communications for the PGA Tour, was the first name out of the hat, and wins the shirt – we look forward to seeing him wear it at future press conferences.

This issue’s competition might be a little harder, so perhaps a clue or two is in order. The featured course was built at a time of great changes in golf design, but never quite became as famous as another course designed by the same architect at the same time, about thirty miles away. And the competition might be easier if one of the birds that are represented on the club’s logo had been in shot at the time! Answers, as usual, to