Grassing starts at Laguna Lang Co


Sean Dudley

Grassing work is underway at the oceanside Laguna Lang Co golf project in central Vietnam.

The course, designed by Faldo Design, is on track to open in the second half of 2012. “A good proportion of the course’s playing strategy is dictated by some of the fantastic ground contours found over the site and the desire to maintain hard and fast playing conditions,” said project architect Paul Jansen. “We are using a zoysia leaf to help achieve this, particularly during the dry season.”

“When we first visited the site we came across landforms that are so unique and visually very strong that we wanted to use them as part of the course design”, added Jansen. “Sat within and alongside the rolling zoysia playing areas will be islands of retained native scrub and casuarina trees that will add to the visual and strategic quality of the course. There is no doubt that the golf course will be very identifiable with the land it weaves through.”

Zoysia matrella turfgrass from Hanoi is being laid out by the IGRM project management team on what will be the practice ground at Laguna Lang Co. The two-hectare area will act as the nursery where the grass is due to be established over the next few weeks, leading to the grassing and grow in of the course..

Developed by Banyan Tree, Faldo’s course will form the centrepiece of a luxury integrated resort complex situated on a 280-hectare beachfront site that, when fully developed, will have approximately 2,000 hotel keys, spas, resort residences, convention facilities and a town centre with retail and recreational facilities.