Harradine designs in Kazakhstan


Harradine designs in Kazakhstan
Sean Dudley

Design firm Harradine Golf has signed a contract with developer Terra Incognita for a new eighteen hole course in Kazakhstan.

Located near the city of Shuchinsk in the north of the country, the site is along the shores of a large lake and features slight elevations, with birch and pine trees. Four holes play alongside Lake Shuchinsk itself.

The project will include a 100 room hotel, two marinas, 15 chalets and two artificial lagoons. The limited amount of real estate is designed in clusters away from the course, so the course itself will be a core facility. The clubhouse is centrally located and elevated with views over the lake. The development includes a spacious driving range and state of the art training facilities.

Peter Harradine said: “The 6, 705 yard par 72 routing will offer the possibility of holding international tournaments, although the average players and beginners will not find the course difficult as it has been designed to be difficult to score but easy to play.”