Heath restoration at East Berkshire


Heath restoration at East Berkshire
Sean Dudley

Two years of work have seen extensive changes to the East Berkshire course at Crowthorne in England.

Swan Golf Designs, which has been in charge of the work, has rebunkered nine of the course’s eighteen holes in two phases of work, part of an overall masterplan aimed at restoring the course’s heathland and pure forest character. To this end, extensive woodland management measures have been undertaken to allow more light and airflow to greens and tees, and heather vegetation has been harvested from the course, then propagated and relocated.

Work to bunkers and the natural landscape has been complemented by the reconstruction of tees, plus drainage and irrigation improvements. Contractor John Greasley carried out the work, with the support of course manager Matthew Nutter and his team.

Secretary Colin Day said: “We commissioned Swan Golf Designs to bring our bunkering up to required standards and needs of today’s golfers, yet still retaining the vision of the original course designer at the turn of the last century. Too many golf clubs embark upon the cheap route of trying to undertake work themselves and projects end up in a mess. I feel it is vital to call in professionals and to use their expertise.”

This coming autumn the nine remaining holes will be rebunkered with further phases likely to follow in 2012 aimed at improving East Berkshire’s practice and tuition facilities.