Heworth boosts drainage with AFT


Heworth boosts drainage with AFT

Heworth Golf Club in the north-east of England is working to improve its drainage by the purchase of a second AFT Sandbander trenching machine.

“We maintain an 18 hole course which is constructed on very heavy clay soil. Our biggest issue has always been drainage and we installed a complete main drainage system using an AFT 45 trencher, 12 years ago,” said Pringle. “We have recently purchased a second AFT 45 to operate alongside the original and we use it all year round to maintain the extensive drainage lines.”

Despite much of the country suffering from drought, this is has not been a problem in Tyne and Wear, the home county of the club. “We have found that if anything we have had excessive levels of rainfall this year and because of that we have invested in the Sandbander to give even more structure to keeping the course free of surface water,” Pringle explained.