Hills & Forrest reworking Westmoreland CC course bunkering


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    The project will take place throughout the autumn and recommence in spring 2017

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    Hills & Forrest's plans for the ninth hole at Westmoreland

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    The ninth hole before work began

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    A visualisation of how the ninth hole will look following the project

Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

A major bunkering project is now underway at the Westmoreland Country Club in Wilmette, Illinois.

Led by Hills & Forrest International Golf Course Architects, a total of 65 bunkers on the course will be either constructed or completely rebuilt. The bunkers will take on a ‘trench-like style with steep fescue grass faces’ according to Shawn Smith, a principal at Hills & Forrest.  

“The goal is to improve the strategy and aesthetics of the bunkers so that their character is consistent with the other classic architectural features found on a course,” Smith told GCA. “They will be built using the Better Billy Bunker method to help facilitate drainage and provide separation between the sand and the native soils.” 

The course at Westmoreland CC was originally designed by Willie Watson, with later contributions made by William Langford and AW Tillinghast. 

“In addition to the bunkers, we are expanding a number of the fairways to create straighter simpler lines and provide additional width so members have more options how to play each hole,” Smith added.

Work began last week and will continue into the autumn for as long as the weather allows. The project will then recommence in the spring.