Hoylake buys soil screener


Sean Dudley

2014 Open Championship host Royal Liverpool has invested in its own soil screener to produce its own topdressing and rootzone material.

After some extensive excavation work, links manager Craig Gilholm hired a contractor to screen around 3,000 tonnes of waste soil, of which 2,000 tonnes were salvaged for use around the course.

Although this quantity of waste was an exception, Gilholm decided to invest in a Raycam Soil Screener PVG-96 from Campey Turf Care Systems. Broken down turf, debris from reconstructing walkways, old bunker sand, and excess soil from excavations on the course produces up to 50 tonnes of waste soil annually.

Using the screener, most of the soil can be recycled for applying as a topdressing or rootzone material, for applications such as levelling the surface in the turf nursery and replacing soil in worn areas such as pathways where the footfall is greatest.

“The screener is a real asset,” said Gilholm. “In the past we used to call in a contractor and they could be on site for two weeks dealing with the accumulated waste, now we screen it ourselves whenever we want to.”

The screener can recycle and screen sand, soil, gravel and other materials. Standard screen size is 19mm with an additional 10 size options. Additional features allow the flow of material to be controlled by changing the pitch of the screen and restricting the volume of material passing over it.