Huxley Golf installs all-weather putting green at The Royal Hospital Chelsea


Huxley Golf installs all-weather putting green at The Royal Hospital Chelsea
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

Huxley Golf has helped to create a new leisure area at The Royal Hospital Chelsea in London, UK.

The hospital is home to some 300 retired British soldiers, known as the Chelsea Pensioners. As part of its ongoing commitment to providing the best service to its residents, the hospital hired Huxley Golf to create and install a new outdoor all-weather putting green.

The Chelsea Pensioners will be able to use the facility year-round, helping them to be a active and sociable.

The new putting green measures 30ft x 60ft and was created using Huxley Golf Premier Putting Green Turf. The facility includes nine holes and has a fringe surround made with Huxley Golf Premier Leisure Turf.

The new facility replaces a previous grass green, and is located more conveniently for residents.

“The Chelsea Pensioners are really pleased with their new putting green,” said Andy Hickling MBE, director of estates, facilities and quartermaster at The Royal Hospital Chelsea. “There are limited outdoor activities for our pensioners so this has been a huge hit – indeed one or two of our residents use it daily and we have already held our inaugural golf competition! Furthermore, the extremely low maintenance that this installation requires will assist the management team enormously.”

Paul Chester, general manager of Huxley Golf, said: “Huxley Golf is proud to have been associated with several projects which support retired or injured service personnel and we were delighted to be asked to help with this most valuable installation at The Royal Hospital Chelsea.”