Huxley’s bi-annual golf conference attracts global distributors


Huxley’s bi-annual golf conference attracts global distributors
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

Huxley Golf has held its bi-annual golf conference at the Marriot Meon Valley Hotel and Country Club in Hampshire, UK.

Many distributors of Huxley’s all-weather golf surfaces travelled to the event to share ideas, demonstrate installation techniques and discuss potential new products.

The conference also offered the opportunity for many of Huxley Golf’s new international partners to discuss their ideas and the differences across the different golfing markets, with representatives from Slovakia, Scotland and Spain all in attendance.

“It was a privilege to welcome our old and new partners to Hampshire again for a truly interesting meeting, not least because of the myriad challenges that golfing establishments are facing around the world,” said managing director Paul Huxley. “Some markets, like Georgia, are in their infancy, whereas our partners in Spain and Portugal have a well-established golfing industry. And it’s equally varied from an environmental point of view, where our experts help golfing centres and professionals around the world cope with both freezing and desert temperatures alike.”

One focus of the event is to discuss business opportunities in various markets with the aim of helping the sport grow and making golf’s reach wider.

“Not only is coming together like this is absolutely essential for gaining insight and understanding into international golfing markets, it’s also key to the continuing success and growth of the game around the globe,” said Huxley. “The opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas face to face is so valuable.”

Jiri Votroubek, managing director of distributor Huxley Golf Bohemia, said: “This was my first Huxley Golf conference and I have to say it’s been excellent. It was good to be able to talk about some of the challenges I face,share the successes and hear about different golfing markets around the world. I’ve picked up a lot of interesting insights and some indispensable advice to help build my business and the profile of the sport in my region. I’d like to say thank you and well done to the team at Huxley Golf in the UK for organising such a beneficial event.”