IGRM grows turnaround division


Sean Dudley

Management company International Golf & Resort Management (IGRM) is trying to help golf clubs struggling to survive in the current downturn. IGRM has expanded its Performance Improvement and Business Turnaround division and has appointed hospitality industry veteran David Mortimer to run it.

Mortimer’s team, bolstered by IGRM’s CEO Michael Longshaw - the man hailed as responsible for the restoring the fortunes of Brocket Hall - have experience in reorganisation, rehabilitation and restructuring businesses. IGRM has assisted distressed companies in the golf, hotel and real estate sectors in the UK and overseas by the reorganisation of their processes and rationalisation of operations to improve results.

“Golf clubs have been affected by the economic downturn largely because the growth in supply has not been matched by growth in demand for the game. This has been exacerbated by the fact that golf revenue is predicated upon disposable income, the lack of which is affecting many golfers. Furthermore, the new breed of luxury clubs has turned golf into an expensive pastime and golf and residential tourism has also been adversely affected. The reality is that many clubs face a perilous future,” said Longshaw.

“We find solutions to the many challenges that cash strapped golf clubs are now facing. We begin by evaluating purchasing, payments and payroll to control and reduce costs,” said Mortimer, “Then, having determined the club’s immediate needs, we develop an action plan enabling us to manage the vital aspects of the business in order to maximise profitability and ensure its survival.”