Infinite Variety hired to restore Colt bunkering at Aachener Golfclub


  • Lovely Golf Course

    Restored bunkers on the fifteenth hole at Aachener Golfclub

  • Lovely Golf Course

    An image showing the same green before work took place

Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

A team from Infinite Variety Golf Design is helping to restore a number of bunkers at the Aachener Golfclub near Aachen, Germany.

The club is home to an 18-hole golf course, nine of which were originally designed by Harry Colt back in 1927.

Work to restore the bunkering on one Colt hole – the par three fifteenth – has now been completed.

“When we saw the course for the first time earlier this year, there was only one large bunker left while the hole originally had the diagonal bunkers,” said Dr Hendrik Hilgert, who founded Infinite Variety Golf Design Germany with Frank Pont earlier this year. “The club asked us to restore the original bunkering on the hole, and we have now completed this work.”

Infinite Variety has been commissioned to restore the bunkering on two further Colt holes, with the ultimate intention of restoring the bunkers on all nine Colt holes at the club going forward.