Inturf makes green strides


Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

Inturf has announced that it has cut carbon emissions by 18 per cent following on from the implementation of a string of initiatives in-line with the 10:10 energy efficiency programme.

The company, which had an initial target of 10 per cent emissions cut, made drastic reductions to its use of electricity, heating oil and diesel.

“We’ve taken a close look at how we use energy in every part of the business,” said Alex Edwards, joint managing director. “Every stage of turf production from sowing to harvesting has been made more efficient.

“We’ve redesigned our delivery systems too so diesel use – a substantial part of our costs - has been greatly reduced. This is good news not just for the environment but also for our customers since it has meant that we have been able to hold prices much steadier than we might have done otherwise - without affecting turf quality.”