Jack wants to design Olympic course


Sean Dudley

Golf legend Jack Nicklaus hopes to be asked to design the course on which the Olympic medals will be contested in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

“We’ve been contacted by a couple of developers wanting to do something in Rio, and I know that Tim Finchem at the PGA Tour has been contacted by a few,” he told a press conference at the Asia Pacific Golf Summit, adding that he believed there was no current facility in the city capable of hosting the Games. “I think there’ll be a lot discussion about of building a facility for the Olympics in Brazil. I don’t know whether I’ll be involved in that discussion, but I’m available!”

Nicklaus said he hoped the Olympics would play a major role in spreading the game across the world. “In places where the game has been more of an elitist sport, like parts of Asia and Eastern Europe, the Olympics will play an important part,” he said. “Golf came from a country where everyone plays growing up. And I think the Olympics can help bring that attitude back, which will be great for golf.

“I would have loved to have played for an Olympic medal,” he said. “I think that would have been a great thrill.”