Jacobson Golf Course Design to renovate Glenview Park Golf Club


Jacobson Golf Course Design to renovate Glenview Park Golf Club
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

Jacobson Golf Course Design has been hired to renovate the course at Glenview Park Golf Club.

The 18-hole, 6,133 yard, par 70 course was originally designed by Joseph A. Roseman.

Located in Glenview, Illinois, and approximately 15km from central Chicago, the course is now closed and construction work is underway.

Opened in 1920, the course is now operated by Glenview Park District and is scheduled to reopen in June 2015. The projected cost is around US$5 million.

The project forms part of the Glenview Park District’s 2010-2013 strategic plan initiative, which aimed to enhance the experience at its facilities and parks. The board approved a renovation with the aim of improving playability at the course.

Work will be carried out to replace almost all current fairways, tees and greens with a more durable and disease resistant bentgrass. Grading will take place on fairways and greens to create slopes to enhance play and drainage. 

54 bunkers across the course will be rebuilt, several fairways will be recontoured, and a new lake will be added. 

Part of the project will focus on reducing flooding in some of the neighbourhoods that surround the course. 17 acre-feet of storm water detention will be added to help mitigate flooding in the area. This will allow up to 6.9 million gallons of water to be temporarily detained on the golf course property. The water will be collected in areas around the site that are not generally in play and then released at a controlled rate. 

As well as Jacobson Golf Course Design, Glenview Park District has hired engineering firm of Gewalt Hamilton Associates and Kemper Sports to develop and execute the planned improvements. The Park District Board also approved bids for the project in March this year from Wadsworth Golf Construction Company, Cecchin Plumbing & Heating, Allstar Asphalt, and Alamp Concrete Contractors.