John Deere improves Gator


John Deere improves Gator
Sean Dudley

Manufacturer John Deere has made enhancements to its XUV 855D Gator 4x4 utility vehicle to enable customers to use the vehicle for longer periods of time. Updated features include a new digital instrument cluster, a 55A alternator with an increased capacity and a 27.6-litre fuel tank.

The digital instrument cluster, which is mounted on the dashboard, displays an odometer, ground speed, fuel level and coolant temperature, engine RPM, a clock and the four-wheel drive indicator. It can be adjusted for different tyre sizes to ensure accurate measurements.

In addition, the Gator’s engine braking and descent control systems have been redesigned to improve performance in mountainous conditions and provide a more controlled deceleration. The continuously variable transmission system also has a 50 per cent increased air intake, reducing heat and water consumption in the clutch. This also reduces belt slippage and improves durability.

These enhancements follow the introduction of a standard electric power-assisted steering system earlier this year, which is now fitted as standard on all XUV 855D Gators with olive and black livery, and remains optional on the green and yellow version. Customers also have the option to upgrade the Gator’s standard four post ROPS frame to a full glass cab, while tool carriers and cargo box dividers, a front mounted load rack, a bull bar and side extensions can also be added.